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The Fresh Collective - Bralette/Bra Finishing Kit

The Fresh Collective - Bralette/Bra Finishing Kit

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Welcome to the Fresh Collective -- a collection of kits and materials which are geared for the young and the young at heart. These kits are put together differently than our typical bra kits. We've pulled together lots of options so you can mix it up however you like.

Your Bralette Finishing Kit will begin with the findings in the table below, but you have the option to swap out for your preference! Check out our Fresh Collective Help Page to understand your options and to see all the pictures.

Bra and Bralette finishing kits are a great way to get a second bralette from your fabric and maximize your economy. It's pretty simple to make a Bralette Findings Kit into a Bra Findings Kit -- just add channeling and an underwire!

Charms can be found here and bows can be found here.

This is where your Bralette Finishing Kit will begin:

Upper Band Elastic- 3/8" Picot 1 1/2 yards
Lower Band Elastic- 1/2" Picot 1 1/4 yards
Strap Plus Rings and Sliders- 1/2" 1 1/2 yards
Hook and Eye 2 Hooks