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The Fresh Collective - Sweet Simplicity
The Fresh Collective - Sweet Simplicity
The Fresh Collective - Sweet Simplicity

The Fresh Collective - Sweet Simplicity

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Welcome to the Fresh Collective -- a collection of kits and materials which are geared for the young and the young at heart. These kits are put together differently than our typical bra kits. We know that your young person wants something fresh and cool, and that style takes precedence over function. Of course, we can't forget the function, but we have LOTS of different options for you to achieve the function while rocking the style. Extra straps, fun colors, wide lower bands, and lots of decorative possibilities let you or the one you're sewing for be the designer. If you are sewing for a young person but want to make it a surprise, or if your young person doesn't know what she wants except that it's amazing, then pick up one of our style add-ons. A twenty-something fashion design student has mixed up a sporty look and a girly look, so you'll have things to play with and ideas to run with.

For this kit, the Sporty and Girly Add-On include:

Sporty Girly
 1/2" Extra strap 1 1/2 yards 1 1/2 yards
Elastic Ribbon - 2y 1/2" 1/4"
ExtraWide Plush Elastic 1 yard
Foldover Elastic 2 yards
Froth 1 1/2 yards
Bow 1
Scallop Strap 1 1/2 yards


 Our Sweet Simplicity kit is for the gal who likes things calm and understated, and rocks a natural style.  The base of this kit is our color Dove, which is a soft gray. The accent colors that we're presenting are Chickie and Arbor Green. Our Featured Artist Clare used the Jordy Bralette pattern from Emerald Erin and did a lot of modifications and the Binky Panties from Evie La Luve.

Mix it up however you like -- that's the beauty of the Fresh Collective kits. Start with your front fabric (we start with sheer and lightly supportive Bra Tulle) and then choose your back fabric (we start with lightly supportive Stretch Mesh). In the front you can choose either stretchy or supportive fabrics in a wide variety of weights and levels of sheerness from quite sheer to completely opaque. Check out our Fresh Collective Help Page to understand your options and to see all the pictures.

See our collection of wide stretch laces here. Charms can be found here and bows can be found here.

This is where your kit will begin

Cup Fabric-Bra Tulle Dove Gray Fat Quarter
Back/Band Fabric- Stretch Mesh Dove Gray Fat Quarter
Lace Sweet Simplicity 1 1/2 yards
Upper Band Elastic- 3/8" Picot Chickie, Arbor or Dove 1 1/2 yards
Lower Band Elastic- 1/2" Picot Chickie, Arbor or Dove 1 1/4 yards
Strap Plus Rings and Sliders- 1/2" Chickie, Arbor or Dove 1 1/2 yards
Hook and Eye Chickie, Arbor or Dove 2 Hooks